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Consignment Shop in Fulton, New York

Discover the consignment shop with great prices and fast turn-around with New To You Consignments, in Fulton, New York. Out shop is one of the largest in our area. We proudly carry major brand name items and are excited to work with your items. Come explore our store and see why so many others choose us!

Consignment Deals
Local bargain seekers know they depend on our consignment shop for great deals, especially in our 75% off section.


Here we feature everyday items at prices that are sure to impress. Don't be afraid to bring your family if you are on the hunt for deals. Our shop features a man cave for impatient husbands as well as a child play area.

Man Cave
Our man cave is more than just a place where husbands can hangout. We feature popular power tools and hand tools, as well as hunting and fishing items and garden equipment.

Clothing, Consignment Shop in Fulton, NY


Consignment Experience
Our store has been providing local bargain hunters great deals since 2007. We opened as an antique shop and started offering used clothes. Soon after this, we expanded into furniture and, after that into the storefront you see today.

* Seniors Receive 15% off on Wednesdays *

Contact us in Fulton, New York, and discover great deals at our consignment shop today.

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